So here are 3 “hypothetical” BJ Penn vs GSP 3 posters I designed for the UFC as part of an interviewing process for a position I was up for for in their Art Dept. early last year….they sent me some info, direction, copy, and a bunch of shitty photos and I had to design a (print ready) poster and send it back in like a day….I did 3….needless to say….I had a couple interviews and then I suddenly realized I was going to have to live in Las Vegas….


So….I have been a “Mixed Martial Arts" fan long time now….long before free fights on FOX….long before TUF….and even longer before every jock douche-bag in your town was wearing gaudy obnoxious t-shirts with skulls and the like on it….& Yes, I have trained in Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, and Combat Submission Wrestling….Fun Stuff!!!

Point being….

NOW the Japanese know how to design a fight poster!!!….

Here are some of my favorites from the now defunct PRIDE & DREAM organizations….